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Playing Scotch Hall Preserve-A Gem in the Rough

This past weekend, courtesy of a stay/play package from the Carolinas Golf Association, we took a short weekend jaunt to the Albemarle Sound on the North Carolina coast to play Scotch Hall Preserve. The Trip Scotch Hall is a solid 4 1/2 hours from Charlotte.  Furthermore, a visitor has to want to go there.  There Read more about Playing Scotch Hall Preserve-A Gem in the Rough[…]

A Match 40 Years in the Making

This past weekend was an all-Holston High School reunion.  Every class, from when Holston was first established as a high school in 1958 in Knoxville, to when it transitioned to a middle school in 1991, was invited to a large park where everyone from every class could mingle, lie about how popular they were in Read more about A Match 40 Years in the Making[…]

What To Know When You Want To Work At A Golf Course

Today’s Shooting Your Age rewinds and reviews a post from last fall that details what you should know if you are looking forward to working part-time at a golf course.   Read here the pros and cons and what you should know before jumping in to the other side of the equation–instead of playing at a golf Read more about What To Know When You Want To Work At A Golf Course[…]

Hurricane Florence and Carolina Golf

Embed from Getty Images We made it through Hurricane Florence. Experience in Hurricanes As a product of Tennessee, with stops in such non-hurricane bastions as Michigan, Kansas City, and Atlanta, my experience with hurricanes is basically two-fold.  Many years ago, in the mid-1990’s, I had as a goal to run the 25th Anniversary of the Read more about Hurricane Florence and Carolina Golf[…]

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