Devil’s Advocate

noun. A person who advocates an opposing or unpopular cause for the sake of argument or to expose it to a thorough examination. The 2019 Masters There is no shortage of blogs, posts, articles, and stories regarding Tiger Woods and his win Sunday at the 2019 Masters. I’m going to come at this from a different perspective:  Did Tiger Woods win the 2019 Masters, or did the rest of the contenders lose it? Read more about Devil’s Advocate[…]

Knee Replacement Surgery: Boy Have I Been Wrong

On March 25th I had TKR, which for those in the know means Total Knee Replacement.  I had outlined in Shooting Your Age a few weeks ago how I had gotten to this point, and how I was preparing. I think anyone who is facing surgery makes assumptions.  I do, and have.  We make assumptions Read more about Knee Replacement Surgery: Boy Have I Been Wrong[…]

A Baby Boomer’s Quest to Shoot His Age in 2019

Larry Gavrich is a fellow golf-lover and blogger with the very informative (be sure and check it out if you have any interest at all in golf community lifestyles and what they have to offer). He has graciously offered to fill in while I’m mending, and his quest fits perfectly with the Shooting Your Age objectives. Read more about A Baby Boomer’s Quest to Shoot His Age in 2019[…]

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