What I’m Thankful For- The Golf Version

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to everyone!  Since it’s Thanksgiving week, and introspection is in the air with “What I’m Thankful For” lists everywhere you look, I wanted to do my part here.  So, without further adieu, here is my list with a heavy golf-related theme:

The Game

One of the reasons I love golf is that it is the game that is closest to life.  It’s unfair, penalizes good shots (sometimes), rewards bad shots (sometimes), and counts on the player to do the right thing.  It’s unbeatable and undefeated.  Just like life.  I love that you can play with a foursome, threesome, twosome, or by yourself at sunset.  You can walk or ride.  Well, you can walk when your knee cooperates.  You have fourteen implements and can choose which one to hit at any time, and there is nothing that prohibits a driver on a putt, or a putter on a drive.  It is the most cerebral of active athletic endeavors.  Which is probably why I’m as bad as I am.  Thanks Uncle Jack for getting me hooked on golf, and taking me out my first few times and for all the putt-putt games when I was little which planted the golf bug.


I’m thankful that there are a handful, or more, of you that enjoy reading this and have stuck with it during this initial year.  Who knows how long it will continue…well, that’s not true.  I know how long it will continue.  It will continue until I don’t enjoy doing it, or you don’t enjoy reading it, or both.  But until then, thank you for your comments and suggestions and support.

My High School Reunion Game

Brad Tommy and Steve

Brad Kenny and Tommy looking dapper

As you may remember, I had the chance in September to travel back to Knoxville and re-connected with three high school buddies and had one of the most enjoyable rounds of golf I can remember.  Thanks again Kenny, Tommy and Steve.  That was an awesome morning- let’s do it again before 40 years sneaks up on us.


Thanks to Erin, and Danny, and Aaron and Justin, and Dave “Iron Byron” (who is now really close to hitting the century mark of Shooting Your Age accomplishments).  A special thank you to Peter Kessler, who was the voice and face of The Golf Channel during the early years and was gracious enough to be interviewed by me when he didn’t know me from Adam.  Thank you to all the others who have been willing to be interviewed and shared their thoughts and stories here.  You guys are awesome.

My Driver

Thanks to my Exotics driver which decided, after a long period of insisting that every shot I hit was going to end up in the right rough–or worse– decided to cooperate and now is a trusty companion.  Golf is a lot more fun when I can somewhat count on the drive being findable.


Thanks to Beth for thinking enough of my writing that she wanted me as a contributor for the female-focused Foregals.com website.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  It obviously has a heavy slant to the woman golfer, but many of the stories are valuable for anyone, from rules, to golf experiences, to tips, anyone can benefit.  Give it a read.


My wife is my favorite golf partner.  And when she practices and spends some time at it, she’s pretty accomplished.  She had a couple of nine-hole rounds where she finished in the mid-40’s this past summer, including an amazingly good round at Boone Country Club.  Work on your putting and get that handicap into the teens!

The Bucket List Trip

Kingsbarns on a glorious day

Carnoustie clubhouse and 18th hole

As just about anyone who has played golf has dreamed of, I had drooled over the possibility of playing in Scotland.  This past summer, we decided to make it happen.  We flew to Scotland, watched the Open Championship, and played both Kingsbarns and the Castle Course at St. Andrews.  We walked the Old Course on Sunday as the final round of the Open was underway, then went to a golf clubhouse and watched the final round on SkySports.    The weather was awesome, the people were awesome, the trip was awesome.  It was…well…awesome.


As with any list of thanks, it’s worth it to look back and see how lucky we are.  Make your own list, share it with your friends and family, and enjoy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for the year, and thank you for reading Shooting Your Age!

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