The Secret to Putting

If that title doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will!  Everyone is looking for the secret to putting!

Putting Styles

One of the fundamental problems with finding the Holy Grail of putting is that there are so many styles that are fundamentally different, yet work.  How can there be any commonality between Bernhard Langer and the long putter…

Jordan Spieth and the regular length putter with left hand low…

And Bobby Jones putting with all wrist?

What I Recently Discovered

I think most golfers will agree that there is no “right” method of being a successful putter.  There are simply too many styles of putters and lengths of putters, not to mention the build of the putttees!  David Toms and Rickie Fowler are not big men but are great putters.  Inbee Park is certainly one of the best putters on the LPGA Tour and she is not svelte by any definition.  So body style has nothing to do with it.

I’m like most people.  I have experimented with regular grip, left-hand-low grip, a blade putter, a mallet putter, a “spider” putter (as used by Jason Day and many others), and anything else I thought might help.

Due Diligence

I had noticed when I was on the practice green that my biggest weakness was long, lag putts.  Getting the ball close to the hole was almost an accident, but I had no idea what to do to improve it.

Then one day, while working on focusing on the line, with no real improvement, I decided to go in the opposite direction.  Instead of looking at the line, or a spot in front of the ball, I decided to ignore the line for the most part.  Instead, I started looking at a specific dimple, or a letter of the brand (such as the “T” in Titleist).  I lined that up with the line on the putter, and focused on nothing else but hitting that specific dimple with the center of the putter.

Since I have started doing that, my putting has gotten better.  I’m not Jordan Spieth, but now I feel confident that every putt is going to be struck in the middle of the putter clubface, and isn’t that Rule #1?   Once that happens, there is a much more consistent feel of how the ball is going to come off the putter, and on long putts, that has been my biggest inconsistency.

The Routine

Now, when I line up a long putt, I don’t line it up with the putting line that is on every ball, I place the ball so that the T in Titleist is in the back center of the ball, and that is my focus. If I can hit the center of the ball with the center of the putter, my long putts are going to be a lot more consistent.

Even on the shorter putts, I use the putting line, but again I focus on striking the line dead center with the line on the putter.

So far, it’s working relatively well.  It has been a new routine to learn, but so far, so good.

Therefore, if you have issues with your putting, give this a shot.  By focusing on striking the center of the ball with the center of the putter, you may find it helps your putting as it has helped mine.

Let me know if this shaves any strokes around the green, and until next week, thanks for reading and Enjoy Shooting Your Age!


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