Regardless of Age-4 Things To Do Now To Better Your Game

golf balls for boomersThe Golf Year is well underway and you’re stuck in neutral.  Things aren’t getting worse, but they aren’t getting better, either.  I mean, we are two weeks out from the U.S. Open and the weather, other than inordinate amounts of rain, has been golf-worthy for several weeks.  So you can’t use that as an excuse.

Here are four tips I’d suggest to jump-start your game and your season.

Take A Lesson

This kind of goes without saying.  Everyone needs lessons.  But if it’s been a while since you had one, and especially if you haven’t had one this year, then you probably need one.

Readers of this will remember my issues with my driver.  I finally had enough, and called PGA Professional Ken Guilford and asked him to see if he could figure out what I was doing.  He saw me hit a few drives, then asked me where my target was.  He then had me address the ball, close my eyes, and he place alignment sticks down on my feet and shoulder line.  Then he asked me to come back and look at it from behind.

I was aiming 20 degrees at least to the right of the target!  It takes a professional in a lesson setting to help correct the bad habits we all get into.  So- first order is to take this week’s green fee and cart money, and go get a lesson.

Join A League

If you are having a tough time finding a game, or would just like to broaden your network of golfers, there is no better way to do it than joining a league.

If you’re a senior or baby boomer, almost every golf course in the country has a seniors mens group that plays.  Some are formal, but many, if not most, or informal.  The course knows all about the “Smith group that plays every Wednesday at 7:30.”  Call your local course and ask; or, call around to find a group that plays when it’s convenient.  It’s a great way to meet new people and discover some golfing options.

Get Fitted

“But wait,” you say, “I’ve already been fitted!”

Yeah, but when was that?  Five years ago, when you bought your current set of clubs?  And when you were fitted, was it for your irons?  Well how about your wedges?  And remember that new driver you got last year?

If it’s been more than a couple of years since you’ve been fitted, it’s probably a good investment to have a professional take a look.  You’ve gotten four years older, four years fatt…I mean, heavier, and your swing may well be different than it was.

A fitting, with the concurrent recommendations to tweak the lies on your irons and the shaft in your driver, may give you back the yards you’ve lost in the last few years.

Install New Grips

Maybe you don’t need new clubs, but if you are playing with the same grips you were playing with a year or two ago, it’s a good bet you could use a new grip.

Regardless of the style or brand of the grips you have, they are going to wear out.  Pros change their grips every 3-4 months.  Of course, they are hitting thousands of shots a week between practice and tournament rounds.

A rule of thumb is to replace your grips every 40-50 rounds of golf.  That means every year, practically speaking.  Most places can turn your clubs around in just a few days, so you’re not out a lot of time, but once you get them back with the new grips, you’ll remember how it feels to hit a shot without the club slipping in your hands.

There you go.  Four things you can do right now that will improve your game.  None involve new clubs, or joining a country club, or spending an extra ten hours per week on the practice green.

It’s stuff you know you should do.  So give it a shot.  Even one or two of these will make a big impact on your game.  Let me know if you implement any, and how it works for you.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy Shooting Your Age!

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