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As a Baby Boomer golfer, you know that the march of time waits for no man (or woman), and takes a toll on your body.  You ache a little more after every round, and 36 holes in one day is becoming a distant memory.  Ibuprofen and Naproxen are two of your best friends.  But you still want to drive it further after 50 (or 60 or 70) years old.

That’s because we are golfers!  And that’s what we do- chase the ever-longer shot.

I can’t promise that anyone in their fifties is going to hit it further than they did when they were in their twenties.  New equipment and modern golf balls will only take you so far!  However, there is one piece of advice that everyone-regardless of age and skill level- can benefit from, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Advice From a PGA Teaching Professional

Shooting Your Age featured PGA Class A Professional, and Director of Golf for Oglebay Resort, Danny Ackerman.  In the two-part article You’re Never Too Old To Learn, he offered two strong recommendations:

  • Turn- Get your back to the target.  Coil.  Soften your arms if you must, narrow your stance, flare your back foot.  Do what it takes, but get your back to the target on the backswing to maximize power;
  • Stretch- He talks about his father’s ability to “Shoot His Age” in his 70s, due partly to his workout and stretching regimen.

Stretching Exercises

At every PGA Tour stop, the touring pros have on-site chiropractic, massage, and stretching trailers available.  If it’s good enough for the top pros, it’s probably good enough for you and me.

And this is where Carolina Romero comes in.

Carolina is The Fit Golfer Girl (@FitGolferGirl) and is someone I interact with quite often on Twitter.  She has a large following, primarily because she has a well-defined niche:  Stretching and exercise tips for golfers.  She is obviously in great shape, plus has a long, fluid, and flexible golf swing.

She is adamant in emphasizing the need for stretching; and, as Danny Ackerman also said, stretching and turning and coiling are critical for a fluid golf swing.

Carolina has a YouTube Channel, and has posted several stretching exercises that are available to help anyone- but particularly the golfer.  I’ve linked one of her videos HERE, because it has an exercise that we’ve all done, but fail to do it often enough:  The hip flexor stretch.

It’s not enjoyable to do, so I’m not going to pretend that it is.  If you have bad knees, like I do, you’re going to need to kneel on a pillow, and even then it might be painful.  But stretching those (artificial hip, in my case) flexor muscles become even more important the more sedentary our jobs are.  Carolina shows how to do them correctly, along with several other valuable stretches.

Want To Hit It Further?

Of course you do.  We all do.  And buying the newest high-tech driver, taking lessons, and watching golf tips on The Golf Channel are all valuable and proven ways to do just that.  But don’t overlook stretching.  To repeat Danny Ackerman:  “Turn, in my opinion, is key.”

In order to turn, you must be flexible.  And to be flexible, especially after you turn 50, you must stretch.

Give it a shot for a few weeks and see if your turn, your coil, and your flexibility doesn’t improve.  Along with your overall fitness level, which is never a bad thing.


Thanks Fit Golfer Girl, and thanks for reading Shooting Your Age!

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