Golf Course Dress for the Baby Boomer

This week’s Shooting Your Age newsletter traverses a new path- one that meanders through the active wear section at your local mall or sporting goods store- to the golf wear aisle.

Looking for the perfect golf outfit

What is Appropriate…and What Isn’t?

Specifically, what is appropriate for the baby boomer to be wearing on the course?   I think we all would agree that khakis and a nice golf polo shirt works for just about anyone of any age at any time.  But is there a certain age at which, for example, shorts no longer work?  Lots of companies make, shall we say, “colorful” golf attire, with Loudmouth Golf probably being the most well-known due to their endorsement of @PGA_JohnDaly (a solid baby boomer in his own right). The look works on JD, but would, or should, it work for you?

JD sporting Loudmouth golf attire (courtesy Yahoo Sports)

One of the fundamental qualities of being a success is knowing what you don’t know.  I don’t know fashion.  I’m pretty much in the aforementioned khakis and polo shirt camp.  I define skinny jeans as those that are in the closet I used to be able to wear.

And whatever happened to metrosexual?  But I digress…

Featured Guest Fashion Contributors

Since I don’t know fashion, I turned to golf and lifestyle bloggers Anna and Armana, who many of you know from their Graceful Golfer website.  When I saw that their blog has its own section on lifestyle and fashion, I knew they were the perfect pair to ask for advice.  They graciously agreed to give this some thought and be this week’s contributors.

Armana and Anna stylin’ on the course

And now that you know how we got here, without further delay, enjoy their thoughts and recommendations below

The Graceful Golfer Speaks

Hey everyone! This is Anna DePalma and Armana Christianson with the golf and lifestyle blog Graceful Golfer. We were recently asked a question by Brad about fashion in regards to the baby boomer generation and more specifically, for men, something we honestly hadn’t given that much thought to in the past. So the question basically comes down to, are there any restrictions? Are shorts ever deemed inappropriate past a certain age? Can anyone wear Loudmouth pants? Do baby boomer men need to stick to khaki pants and a colored golf polo? Now that we have had some time to think about, we definitely have some opinions!

The baby boomer generation is considered between the ages of 50 and 70, approximately. That is a large percentage of our population that’s out on the golf course! It actually represents both of our dads that also play golf!  Do we think that these men should be giving some thought into their golf attire? You bet. Should they be completely nixing items because of their age? Not a chance.

When it comes to shorts versus pants, we’re going to have to go with whatever is the most comfortable for you is what you should wear, and obviously weather. We know some men who prefer to always wear pants. That’s great! Are you playing in Arizona or Florida where it’s crazy hot? Then help yourself out and break out those golf shorts!

Monty battling the heat (courtesy SkySports)

Alright, this one we can see as more controversial: Loudmouth attire. We don’t think it is controversial at all! Do you like the pants?  Great! You should wear them. As long as you are comfortable, confident and they are within the dress code rules, we say go for it. They definitely bring some fun to the game and can make for a great conversation starter.

Dressing your age we think pertains more towards women than men. We believe as long as you are following the dress code and feel great, wear what you want! Some men, yes, adapt more to modern fashion and others don’t and that is totally acceptable. Fashion is a way for an individual to express themselves so why not!  If you are feeling like spicing your outfit up one day you should go for it.

Dress as your please, express yourself, feel confident and follow the dress code!  Be you and enjoy it.


You only play as well as you look 😉


Not as Many Rules as I Assumed!

If they said anything that stuck with me, it’s the last sentence- “You only play as well as you look.”  It’s simple, but important:  how many of us just feel  better when we have on our lucky shirt, or when we wear something new that fits perfectly?  We hear that theme quite often when referring to the ladies on the course, or when they are choosing what to wear (or purchase).  But it goes for men, too, and it doesn’t disappear once the big 5-0 rolls around!

I don’t know any serious golfer that doesn’t want to look good.  So, taking Anna and Armana’s advice, wear what you like.  A baby boomer is generally defined, as they mentioned, as someone born between 1946 and 1964.  “Senior” golfers is a much, much more nebulous word and one I avoid as much as possible (read the entire discussion here about Senior Tees, what they are and aren’t).  What the hell is a “senior”, or a senior golfer, anyway?  But that’s another topic for another day.


Thanks Anna and Armana.  Thanks for Reading.  And Enjoy Shooting Your Age!




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