Shooting Your Age is On The Air!

Does the World Need Another Golf Blog?

I don’t know about just any golf blog, but it needs this one.

Why ‘Shooting Your Age?’

A golfer was bragging to his buddies about how he always shot in the mid-70s.  When asked how he was able to shoot so low and be so consistent, he said, “Well, sometimes I quit on the 13th hole, sometimes on the 14th hole…”

You could shoot your age regardless of how old or young you are!  But for most of us, we think of the player in their 70s who is able to shoot in their 70s.  Tom Watson in his 60s shooting a 67 (on a championship course in tournament conditions, no less).

Therefore, being an obviously intelligent golfer of discerning taste by virtue of reading this newsletter, the tag line “Growing Older, Golfing Better,” is aimed primarily at… you.  The man or woman who loves golf, loves the golf lifestyle, but identifies with Craig Stadler a little more than Dustin Johnson.  Or Laura Davies a little more than Lexi Thompson.

If you grew up playing persimmon woods, thinking a Bullseye putter was the ultimate in high-tech quality, and made sure you got all the grass from underneath the kiltie on your metal spike golf shoes before putting them away, then you’re going to enjoy this.

I did some research before I launched this website.  I did Google searches for golf newsletters.  I searched for golf blogs.  The best golf blogs and newsletters.  The worst golf blogs and newsletters.  The Top (fill in whatever number you’d like) Golf Blogs.  Not one that I could find is aimed at ONE OF THE LARGEST-IF NOT THE LARGEST- golf demographics in the United States and Europe, which is the Baby Boomer group.

You, dear Sir or Madam, are most likely a Baby Boomer.

What Will Shooting Your Age Mean For You?

It means:

  • A golf newsletter and website that focuses on realistic expectations.  Therefore, if you’re looking for how to hit your drives 300 yards, or how to dial back your lob wedge to less than 100 yards, then you’re not going to find it here.  No one I know personally and play golf with (well, except you Shawn, and you are years away from being “older”) hits a ball that far.


  • In this weekly SYA Newsletter (which needs a catchy name) we will talk about tips, products, travel, places to live, places to retire, places to play, what to eat, what not to eat, how to stretch, how to compensate when your swing is a little shorter and slower, and much more. All of this will be relevant and interesting and informative and amusing (Hopefully, all at once!) to any golfer of any age.  But especially to the Boomer.


  • Special features- I don’t know what they are yet, which is one big reason they are “special.” But my intent is to seek out the “everyman (and woman)” golfer- the gentleman and lady like myself who plays for the love of the game, has an interesting story or two, and can share something that works for them that might work for you.  I ALSO want to seek out the legends of the game and ask them for their insights and how they play as they approach their twilight years.


I need your help

I don’t know how many golf blogs and newsletters and websites there are.  I found a “Top 200 Golf Blogs” so there are at least that many.  There are a lot of people writing in, and for, a lot of golf blogs out there.

For this to be successful, it needs readers.  That’s the bottom line for any book, magazine, website, blog, graffiti artist, or bus stop advertisement.

I’m not asking for money.  This will be free as long as I’m doing it.

But I do ask you to read it, share it, spread the word, invite the people in your foursome to read it, and, when possible and it makes sense to do so, support the advertisers.  If you are so inclined, you can advertise yourself.  If your market is a 57 year old golfer with higher than average income levels, then you might want to consider it.

If you are a Twitter follower, follow us on Twitter- @ShootingyourAge.  If you are on Facebook, please like and share the Shootingyourage page on Facebook.

And………that’s it.    The plan is to publish every Wednesday.  Why Wednesday?  Because it’s dead smack in the middle of the work week, and that’s the best reason I could think of.

Until Next Week!   Hit ‘em (as) long (as you can), and (not) straight (into that pond to the right of the 18th hole)!


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