For the Baby Boomer Golfer, By a Baby Boomer Golfer

Practically every golfer I play with is over 50 years old.  Practically every one of them is a talented golfer- many are single digit handicaps.  When I started thinking about a golf website, I did some research and discovered there wasn’t one that focused on the Champions Tour age golfer.  And so Shooting Your Age was born.

My first set of golf clubs was bought from money I made mowing yards as a teenager.  When I say set, I mean set.  Three woods, 8 irons, bag, matching headcovers (1,3 and 4 if I remember correctly).  Purchased at K-Mart in Knoxville, Tennessee.   My first rounds of golf with that set were at Whittle Springs Municipal, the only course I could afford to play, and which is still there and still going strong as far as I know (OK, there were a couple of times we snuck on at Holston Hills Country Club- a great Donald Ross course that still hosts U.S. Open qualifiers).

One of the marks of being serious about the game, not to mention being (or at least pretending to be) good, was graduating from maple woods to persimmon woods.  Ahhh, those persimmon woods, that just sounded a little crisper, a little harder.  And looked cool, particularly when they had that blonde stain on them.  I still have my set that was built for me.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about- if you immediately were transformed back to when you wore kilties on your golf shoes with metal spikes, then this is the golf site you’re going to enjoy.  Even if you have no idea what any of the above meant, then this is still the golf site you’re going to enjoy, because you’re going to learn about some of the recent history of the game we all love.

I’m Brad K. Chambers.  I hope you like Shooting Your Age.  And I hope you’ll comment, and get involved and support the advertisers and try out the products and have fun and come back often!

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As it happens with foursomes, the players will change from time to time

Brad K Chambers

Founder, Chief (but not only) writer, and golfer who is smack in the middle of the demographic this website is all about.
A dual career as a Naval Officer and department head in city and county governments w/decades of experience in managing municipal golf courses and park systems.

Alice K Chambers

Chief Photographer, Editor, Assistant Writer, Head Cheerleader
Great driver of the golf ball, and someone you really want on your team in a scramble. Amateur, but talented, photographer. Lover of nature, natural resources and the environment


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